Cheap Native Timber Bargain Packs

Now on offer, only while stocks last, these cheap Native Timber bargain packs are end-of-line or 1-off runs of stock which are sold as seen, cheap to clear. This can be a great way of grabbing a great deal on some interesting timber for your unique job or project.

Cheap Native Timber Bargain Packs stocks can vary and will move very quickly, so make sure to phone us or pop in to see our latest and best offers. See slideshow below for pictures of some of the cheap Native Timber bargain packs described below.

  • Cheap Native Timber Bargain Packs
    AD Oak Decking - Character Grade. Grooved & 90mm face

BP 21 –Air Dried Sweet Chestnut, 70 mm x 70mm  character grade Short lengths approx. 10 cuft @ £12.00 cu ft + VAT

BP 22 – Air Dried Sweet Chestnut, 50mm Maximum 2.0 mtr lengths 3″-6″ widths @ £15.00 cuft + VAT

BP 23-Air Dried Sweet Chestnut, 70-80mm thick character grade 4’0-6’0 lengths average 150mm wide @ £12.00 cuft + VAT

BP A –Air Dried Sweet Chestnut, 100 x 100 mm – Good character grade, random (avg. 6 – 8’0) lengths. Some small knots. Approx 16.5 ft³ available at £25 / ft³ + VAT

BP A1 –Air Dried Sweet Chestnut, 70 mm thick – Good clean lengths of rough sawn, 3 – 6″ wide pieces of English Chestnut. Random (avg. 3 – 6’0) lengths. Approx 12.5 ft³ available at £25 / ft³+ VAT.

BP 24- T&G Oak – Character Grade  78mm fin face random lengths 32.73 ²m available @ £20.00  ²m + VAT

Character Oak Decking Air Dried, random lengths (avg 2.4m), 90mm face. 5 x grooves for improved grip. Some sap wood, knots, splits and warping. Approx 28 ²m £15 + VAT per ²m

Cheap Native Timber bargain packs are offered subject to availability and sold as seen.

Approximately 70 lengths of 65×20 fin size chamfered Oak architrave lengths 2.1m – knotty, mis-machined, some sap etc. Ideal for picture framers cutting short lengths Only £2.00 each + VAT


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